General FAQ

What if I need to reschedule?

We're happy to reschedule with you once with no loss of the session fee provided you notify us at least 2 days before. If you've already rescheduled once and need to reschedule again and we can't fill that time slot you'll still be responsible for the session fee.

Can we reschedule due to weather?

If you have an outdoor shoot and the weather is bad then we'll work with you on rescheduling. Even if you've rescheduled before for any reason.

Do you do photo retouching?

We pride ourselves on our photos needing minimal retouching but using great lighting, lens, filters, etc. but we know that sometimes everyone could use a little help. We will do minor retouching for no additional fee but if you want something more significant there will be an additional charge.

Do you offer digital files?

Yes. We offer digital files in both low resolution and high resolution. The low resolution files are free and the high resolution files are an additional charge.

Do you offer photo books?

Yes we do. With tons of options like cover types, number of pages, materials, print qualities, sizes, etc. If you're interested in a photo book we'd be happy to discuss it all with you after your shoot.

Newborn FAQ

When should I do a newborn session?

Within your baby's first 6-14 days is best.

Are there disadvantages to having a session at my house?

Yes. Because we need to travel with the gear that we need to do a newborn session its just not feasible to use some of our sets. So if you wanted one of our swings, or the ballon, etc we can't travel those.

How do I prepare?

We ask that you try to keep your little one awake for the two hours prior to our start. Also try to hold off on feeding them until you arrive. If you're bottle feeding please make sure you have enough milk/formula to last for up to 4 hours. While we don't typically shoot that much there can be a lot of in-between time with newborns.

What else do I need for a home session?

We ask that you have a space thats open with about 10x10 of clearance and try to raise the temperature up to around 80 degrees (if its cold out) in that room if you have independent control. Newborns like it warm. We'll bring some space heaters to make sure its warm enough though.

Maternity FAQ

When should I have a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity is best when your bump is definitely showing but you can still move around easily. For most women this is between your 30-36 weeks.

Do I need to come with my hair and makeup already done?

While you can have your hair and makeup already done we can also arrange for an hair and makeup artist to be on site and to do it for you. The advantage is they will be with you for the shoot to do any touch up and catch any little fly away strands of hair. The disadvantage is they may not be familiar with your personal preferences for how you like to look.

Where do I get one of those amazing maternity dresses?

From us. Maternity photo dresses are expensive and take months to make so we have a collection of them that you can use for a small additional fee (after all they need to be dry cleaned after each use).

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend you bring a pair of seamless, plain, nude (whatever color that means for you), bikini panties. You'll use these as a cover up for some poses which will be worn of your normal underwear. A bando top also helps but isn't required.

Can my Significant Other be the pictures?

Absolutely. You can bring them along if you wish and we can some photos with them. For maternity it's actually a big help to have someone along to help you out even if it's not your SO.